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Inside our office

While our practices are structured nationally, our teams, terms & contact are spread across different - different locations. To interact and bond for many organizations we travel as well as connect virtually. At work our offices are spacious, comfortable and are equipped with necessary comforts and resources. We make it a point to structured & decorate our office to Express our quality, culture and other necessary thing to provide for our employee to fell good for work and maintain working environment.

Life at DCS

our target is that Building Careers. Building Organizations’. That’s what we do best. We are DCS. Until you understand your customers – deeply and genuinely – you cannot truly serve them. To earn the respect and eventually love of your customers, you first have to respect those customers. That is why Golden Rule behavior is embraced by most of the winning companies. But the goal when you are actually doing the work is to somehow forget what discipline group you are in and come together. So in that sense, nobody should own user experience, everybody should own it.

Be dramatically willing to focus on the customer at all costs, even at the cost of obsolete your own stuff. There is only one boss. The customer, Clients. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else. So in the sense make a customer, not a sale.


Why join Deemsters Consultancy

Punctual timings and work like home environment enable us to balance our professional and personal priorities. We don’t miss to celebrate opportunity like festivals and birthdays and we are also wishes to our clients and Job Seeker on his birthday, we are guaranteed to say every moment of work with us enjoyable and we go for outing with the staff some time. When we’re not doing all of this, we connect with clients and candidates and work as well. Deemsters team is very friendly innovating and supporting to all the staff.

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Head Office


Near Himaliyan Public School Arya Nagar, Kashipur, (U.S.Nagar)
Contact Us For Industries :- +91 7248579999
Contact Us For Hospital :- +91 9997935999
Contact Us For IT :- +91 9068333633
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Corporate Office


Near Shiv Mandir ,Sector -22 Noida (Delhi,NCR)
Contact Us :- +91 9557249999 (Call Only Office Time)
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